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Technology in the classroom

     When I was teaching, I often incorporated technology into the classroom. My students LOVED math, because after they mastered a concept through Kagan Structures (that'll have to be another post), we played Kahoot! For those of you who haven't ever used Kahoot, it's such a great tool. You can either search a large database of already created quizzes, or create a quiz for your students yourself. I loved creating SBAC review concept quizzes that I could use all year long. 

Once you created something specifically for your classroom, you could save it and use it year after year. I found that keeping myself organized was much easier online than in a file cabinet in real life. I would often find myself busy and not physically put something where it was supposed to be. That's why, hands down, my favorite educational tool of ALL TIME issssssss......OneNote. 

OneNote is an Office 365 tool that is free to teachers and students. It's an online binder where you can save and upload text, pictures, audio, videos, links, files, etc. For reals, if you haven't looked into it..GO HERE.


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